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   The prospect of foreclosure is far too familiar for many homeowners in Michigan today. I strongly believe foreclosure is not the answer to the current home ownership crisis looming throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area. There are solutions to avoiding the credit-destroying and emotional aspects of foreclosure.

     There are many different reasons for someone to be unable to make their mortgage payment, and regardless of what yours may be, there is most likely a way to avoid foreclosure.  Whether your solution will keep you in your home, or allow you to sell your home in what is called a “short sale”, my goal is to help you avoid foreclosure.

    I have extensive training in foreclosure avoidance, short sales and have earned the prestigious Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation. Over 85 percent of the clients served by a CDPE real estate professional avoid foreclosure.

    Not having a clear understanding of the elements and consequences of foreclosure leads many homeowners to give up and do the absolute worst thing of all, which is nothing. Within this website you will find valuable information regarding the foreclosure process, it's consequences, avoidance options and short sales. It is imperative you take action because there is a huge difference between life after foreclosure and life without foreclosure. My services are totally FREE, so contact me for a confidential consultation about exploring possible solutions to your mortgage crisis.

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